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Finney Gardens

Finney Gardens

Finney Gardens was the site of the old City Farm. It has a varied history starting life as a market garden and progressing to a private fair ground with a band stand and other attractions. It then became the police sports ground before being bought by Stoke-on-Trent council in 1971.

Below is the transcript of the advertisement when the market garden was in the process of change

 Excerpt from The Staffordshire Advertiser, 2 December 1865


FINNEY GARDENS, adjoining the Railway Station at BUCKNALL.

Mr T B CLIFF has received instructions from Mr T Cartlidge, Nurseryman, to SELL by AUCTION, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 5th & 6th December, 1865, a portion of his valuable NURSERY STOCK, now growing upon 2 acres of land, the same being required for building purposes, including -

100,000 QUICK SETS, 3 and 4 years transplanted

40,000 LARCH, 2 feet and 3 feet, transplanted

10,000 Strong PRIVET

20,000 Small PRIVET

A quantity of FRUIT TREES of sorts;

a large quantity of FLOWERING and EVER-GREEN SHRUBS, consisting of Rhododendrons, Portugal and Common Laurels, IrishYews, Hollies, Arbor Vitae, Berberis, Lodums, Ericas, Kalmias, Cotoneasters, Cupressus Lawsoniana, Wellingtonias, Roses, Sweet Briars, Guelder Roses, Lilacs, Laburnums;

and a great quantity of other Plants and Trees too numerous for this advertisement, catalogues of which may be had on application to the AUCTIONEER, Bucknall; or to Mr CARTLIDGE, Nurseryman, Bucknall Road, Hanley. ‘

The Finney Gardens are only 11/2 miles from Stoke Railway Station, 1/2 a mile from Hanley Railway Station, and Bucknall Railway Station is situate in the midst of the above-named Gardens, and has a siding where purchasers can conveniently load their lots in railway trucks for transit.

Luncheon on the table at 10 o'clock, and the sale to commence each day at 12 o'clock precisely. Trains arrive at Bucknall Station from Stoke at 9.37, and from Congleton at 11.12.

Railway branch to the Hanley & Bucknall Colliery

Site of the old weir, removed in 2017

Present day Esso Garage

Site of the old City Farm

Ordnance Survey map of 1878 showing Finney Gardens